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Trolley Target

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Technical Specifications

  • 230V, 50/60 Hz

  • 0.13 A, 6W

  • 1200 r/min

  • 1.5 uf / 240V


  • Microcontrolled
  • Heavy Duty
  • Compact
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low power consumption
  • Has a flat desk housing and external cable pulley, ensuring fast mounting and
    dismantling of the whole unit
  • A rocker type switch, which can be operated also with a shooting glove, forwards
    or reverses the trolley at any intermediate point without touching the respective
    final stop point
  • A receiver bar ensures that the target carrier sits without any vibration on the end piece
  • Equipped with target light, sound Insulation and a Bullet Trap including pan
  • Shock absorber silicon bellows

Trolley Target System For 10m Air Rifles & Pistols

Range layout with 10M MIND TROLLEY TARGETS

Mahie Industries Targets are designed for universal use, strongly built and assembled for
precision shooting. This system can be used for air-rifle, air pistol or 10M crossbow. A
powerful quiet running motor, a steel yoke support and detachable sound absorbing bullet
trap are strongly built components of this rigid and flexible system. The support and
traction cables can be removed within seconds and the special stop system assures the
position of the target holder at the correct target position accurately.
Quick and easy conversion. This target system is used for air rifle, air pistol and with the
conversion kits available as optional extras, the system can be used for three position air
rifle and extended into a perfect 10M crossbow target range.
Large rocker type switch provides maximum operating function for forward and backward
movement. This helps the shooters to stop and release the targets directly.
This can be quickly and easily adjusted for the various disciplines, without utilizing any
other tools.
The standard bullet trap is designed for safety, long-life and satisfaction.

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